Participation in the reconstruction of an important fixture in the Trinidad community. Working with the local fisherman to ensure that the project does not disrupt their business and livelihood.

The Trinidad Rancheria purchased the pier in 2000 with the intent to correct the structural deficiencies of the pier which was originally constructed in 1946.  The project scope is to replace creosote piling with concrete/steel pilings coated with non-reactive polymer, and to replace the wooden pier deck with a concrete deck.  The project will improve the pier utilities for the benefit of the public, and will indirectly improve the water quality conditions and provide additional habitat for the biological community. 

Trinity Valley Consulting Engineers, Inc. (TVCE) has been contracted to review plan sheets, which resulted in complete redesign of the plans.  TVCE manages a team of professionals to redesign and produce plans while keeping on a tight construction schedule.  Civil design and survey control was included in pre-construction services.  Construction services included coat and schedule management in addition to construction quality through full-time onsite monitoring.

The collaborative funding sources for this project consist of the following agencies:  Humboldt County Association of Governments, California State Water Resource Control Board, Federal Highway Administration American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Funds, Bureau of Indian Affairs High Priority Project, Tribal Indian Reservation Roads Allocation, Environmental Protection Agency Brownsfield Cleanup Funds, and the California Coastal Conservancy.