What is project design?

In general it incorporates all of the work required to be performed prior to start of construction. All projects are unique, but TVCE has compiled a list of items necessary for a typical project.


Almost every project requires some form of mapping.  This can range from a simple plot map showing location of a proposed project along with relations to existing facilities, to a full scale topographic survey with scaled detail of all grades and existing facilities.  Whatever the needs, TVCE has the experience and tools to complete the task .

Soils Investigation

Most projects require some form of soils investigation in order to assess the existing soil conditions and develop recommendations for the proposed project. This work can be completed by TVCE staff, or by soil specialists with whom we regularly work with.

Environmental Clearance

Many projects require environmental clearances prior to construction. TVCE can assist in developing plans for these clearances and coordinating with the appropriate agencies.


Drafting of plans requires the production of scale documents that show the work to be completed.  These documents can vary on complexity, but are generally required to provide sufficient views and details to complete construction.  TVCE has drafters with experience in both civil and architectural projects, and can complete projects of almost any scale.


Project engineering requires providing sufficient scrutiny to a project in order to insure that it functions as planned.  This often includes engineering calculations (structural , hydraulic , earth volumes, ect.), technical details to drawings, and specification of appropriate materials.