We are a local, 100% Native American owned and DBE certified organization comprised of a strategic team of diversely experienced professionals.

When you choose TVCE, you can be confident that you are working with a team that is vested in and committed to providing the highest quality of service possible to our clients today while honoring the generations of tomorrow.

At Trinity Valley Consulting Engineers, we specialize in providing longterm services to our clients.

Our emphasis is on developing trusting relationships and consistently providing the highest quality of services. As engineering professionals, we believe in the vitality of developing strategic and dynamic approaches for each individual project that best serves the overall vision of both the project and the community. We see every project as an opportunity to establish partnerships that will continue to grow along with our community.

Community is at the center of everything we do at Trinity Valley Consulting Engineers. Our focus on our community’s ambitions and goals is reflected in our commitment to providing unwavering service in meeting and supporting those pursuits. We recognize the interconnectedness of all of our actions; development that considers the wellbeing of future generations is key to honoring this belief. Our promise is to help nurture and grow our community into a vibrant marvel that we can all cherish and be proud to pass on to our children.

100 native ownedTVCE
is a 100% Native American owned business. We are registered as a small business enterprise (SBE), monitory business enterprise (MBE), and a disadvantageous business enterprise (DBE) by the state do California.  We are also registered as a minority business by the California public utilities commission.


At TVCE we recognize that every project is a benefit to the community in which it resides.with this in mind we strive to have the greatest benefits for our clients and the surrounding community. Examples of this are specifying materials locally available, equipment that can be locally maintained, and coordinating with local utility companies and other entities. 

In our own community TVCE participates in numerous community activities such as supporting local organizations, nonprofit organizations, technical support for pre-planning of projects, and employment of interns to encourage youth in developing professional careers.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Contract Management
  • Design Engineering
  • Permitting
  • Construction Inspection
  • Surveying
  • Material Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Topographic Survey
  • Civil Design
  • Construction Staking

Josh McKnight, P.E.

Principal / Program Manager

Mr. McKnight has worked as a civil engineer for the past twelve years. During this time he has worked on various projects ranging from small projects for individual homeowners to large scale public works projects. Clients have included Indian Tribes, local governments, state and federal government agencies, contractors and private citizens.

As principal engineer / program manager for Trinity Valley Consulting Engineers, Inc. , Mr. McKnight has experience in all stages of project implementation ranging from initial site evaluations to the final construction closeout. Services include site evaluation, surveys, soils evaluation, roadway and grading designs, water and wastewater design, structural engineering, and construction management and inspection.

Frank Masten

Associate Engineer

Mr. Masten has a broad background in civil design, construction management, and project implementation. Mr. Masten has designed, coordinated, and managed construction projects in a wide range of fields including: utility infrastructure, residential, commercial, and industrial developments, as well as municipality developments on both micro and macro levels. His roll in various projects has included multiple levels of construction ranging from hands on building to project management, design, inspection, and quality assurance.

Eric Keyes, EIT

Staff Engineer

Mr. Keyes has worked for Trinity Valley Consulting Engineers for the past eight years while earning his Bachelor in Science degree in Civil Engineering. During this time he has worked on all aspects of the engineering field from CAD, material testing, assisting with property surveys, to designing utility, grading, and infrastructure plans for clients. As staff engineer for Trinity Valley Consulting Engineers , Inc., Mr. Keyes is available to assist with site evaluation, surveys, soils evaluation, roadway and grading designs, water and wastewater design, structural engineering, construction management, inspection and quality assurance. In addition, Mr. Keyes is trained and certified to perform concrete field testing, soil compaction, density, and moisture testing.

James Ammon

Construction Manager

Trinity Valley Consulting Engineers, Inc took the opportunity to hire Mr. Ammon for his vast experience as a Construction Manager. During his time with this company he has managed the Redwood Grove Road Reconstruction project, the Big Lagoon Well project, Trinidad Rancheria Well project and the Trinidad Pier Reconstruction project that is currently under construction and due to be completed in May of this year.