Construction administration is...

the providing of services during construction.  These services generally center around assisting that the project meets the required standards of quality, fits within the project budget, and conforms the the project schedule.  These are the services TVCE regularly offers during construction.

Construction Management

Management of construction projects consists of  oversight of the project as a whole in order to make sure that the ultimate goals of the project are met. This often includes contractor oversight , review of work performed , processing of contract change orders, scheduling and payment oversight, coordination with owner and other entities, and contract close out. TVCE  staff has extensive experience in construction management that will help to provide a successful project.

Materials Testing

Testing of construction materials is often required during construction. TVCE has the equipment, resources, and personnel necessary to provide for materials testing during construction.

Construction Inspections

Inspections are often necessary in order to confirm construction quality and verify progress. At TVCE we have the appropriate personnel and resources to perform all on site inspections.   

Construction Staking

TVCE has the experience, personnel, and tools to provide Construction Staking for a project.  To perform this work we will assess the needs of  the contractor, and layout the work in the most efficient way possible to avoid construction delays and miscommunication.