At TVCE we believe that the core of our business is to assist in providing infrastructure to our clients and the communities in which we work.  The success of a community as a whole, as well as individuals within that community , often depend on the infrastructure available to them. 

The following are areas of work which TVCE has developed specialties in in order to better serve the needs of our clients:


How can anything be accomplished without reliable transportation? This is the key to all infrastructure and development of communities.  At TVCE we feel that transportation is a top priority, and have devoted substantial resources and training to meeting the transportation needs of our clients.  To date we have assisted in transportation projects for the land, sea, and air, and feel that we have  sufficient experience and resources to complete transportation projects.


Most projects require some type of utility infrastructure support .  While often overlooked, utilities are playing an ever more important role in the development of projects. This can range from sanitary sewer facilities to the provision of broadband internet services.  For the planning, engineering, and installation of these services TVCE has the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to complete the work.


For completion of structures TVCE  can complete all of the engineering and design work for completion of a project.  Work will commence with the goal that the completed project will meet all of the goals and expectations of the client. 

Project Design

Project design incorporates all of the work required to be performed prior to start of construction. All projects are unique, but tvce has compiled a list of items necessary for a typical project.


Every project requires planning. Whether you are doing a addition to your home  or starting a large multi-phased project, proper planning will help to insure success.

Construction Administration

Construction administration is the providing of services during construction.  These services generally center around assisting that the project meets the required standards of quality…


Project engineering requires providing sufficient scrutiny to a project in order to insure that it functions as planned.  This often includes engineering calculations…