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Yurok Transportation

Trinity Valley Consulting Engineers, Inc. (TVCE) was contracted by the Yurok Transportation Division to produce a Project Study Report (PSR) for improvements to Bald Hills Road from the Julio Tree to the Redwood National Park Boundary.  The PSR covered all aspects of the project in the Caltrans format.

TVCE produced a PSR on the basis of the need for work to be performed.  After an initial analysis was performed on the condition of the existing roadway, priorities were determined as to which improvements will be needed the most.  Priority was given to improvements for safety-related areas.  Included in the PSR were items such as assessment of road conditions, options for repairs, soils assessments, preliminary environmental reviews, right of way assessment, traffic data, and all other field items necessary for the report.

TVCE produced plans and specifications for road reconstruction, Currently plans have been approved by Humboldt County for another portion of roadway to be reconstructed.

Improvement of a little over three miles of the Bald Hills Road included road widening, stabilization, drainage improvements, pavement, guardrails striping, and snow poles.

TVCE provided design, construction oversight, quality assurance testing and inspection, and Contract Administration.

Work was carried out cooperatively by the County of Humboldt and Yurok Transportation to complete this section of the Overall Bald Hills Road Improvement Plan.

Motorist expressed gratitude for the work as it was in progress and shortly after completion including praise for making the road safer to travel and a much nicer ride free of washboards and dust.